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About Auray Technology Corp.

Auray OTIC and Security Lab, the main business of Auray Technology Corp., which is a SME contributor of O-RAN ALLIANCE, is a third-party test laboratory focusing on communication technology with cross-disciplinary expansion and integration services in Taiwan. Auray Technology Corp. is registered as an independent institute, offering services such as open radio network testing, information transforming integration and testing, test case development, and O-RAN validation. As an independent third-party laboratory, our test and measurement equipment includes UE/UEs emulators, O-RU emulators, O-DU emulators, and emulated core network and signal generator/spectrum analyzers.

We provide extensive and comprehensive services for our clients who need to test, validate and integrate their O-RAN based products and solutions; meanwhile, we offer high-quality conformance test services. We aim to establish E2E interoperability and performance in open RAN. The Auray OTIC and Security Lab develops comprehensive test cases to meet O-RAN standards.

We believe that the 5G open RAN architecture will become the mainstream testing infrastructure in the telecom industry in the near future. Auray Technology Corp. is ready to offer services of O-RAN testing and validation to clients in the global world.

Auray OTIC and Security Lab

Taoyuan Lab

  • 7F.-1, No. 286, Sec. 1, Gaotiezhanqian W. Rd., Zhongli Dist., Taoyuan City 320016, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Kaohsiung Lab

Important Events

  • 2021 March

    Joined ORAN Alliance, which is transforming the Radio Access Networks Industry Towards Open, Intelligent, Virtualized and Fully Interoperable RAN. O-RAN standards enable a more competitive and vibrant RAN supplier ecosystem with faster innovation.
  • 2021 April

    Auray Technology Corp. established in Taoyuan City, Taiwan, with one shielded room - the first private O-RU test facility, one server room- the first O-DU/O-CU/E2E test facility and one working room to offer local manufacturers for their open ORAN product test.
  • 2021 May

    Obtained the contract of National Development Council Asia Silicon Valley 5G SA Network Laboratory Test Case, which is cooperated with Chunghwa Telecom Mobile Communications Branch.
  • 2021 June

    Auray OTIC and Security Lab was approved by ORAN Alliance as the first 3rd Party OTIC lab in Asia. Auray is committed to operate best-in-class OTIC & Security Test lab in Asia and establishing a global network of OTICs in collaboration with OTICs in other parts of the world.
  • 2021 Jul-Dec

    On behalf of Taiwan, to host the Global 3rd Plugfest successfully with more than 32 vendors to join, becoming the biggest Plugfest venue in the global world.
  • 2021 Dec

    Applied successfully Chunghwa Telecom Core Network, which is a big step to verify open RAN products to communicate with real core network.
  • 2022 Mar-Jun(NEW)

    On behalf of Taiwan, to host the Global 4th Spring PlugFest successfully with more than 21 vendors to join and performed actions covered a dry run of the O-RAN Certification and Badging, verifying the related processes and procedures
  • 2022 Jun(NEW)

    Obtained TAF ISO/IEC 17025:2017;CNS 17025:2018
  • 2022 Jun(NEW)

    The world's first O-RAN O-RU certification was issued by Auray OTIC and Security lab (Certificate ID: AOSL220001)

Company Facts

  • Date of Establishment: April 6th, 2021
  • Market Positioning: independent, credible, innovative and accredited test laboratroy
  • Quality Policy: Integrity, Impartiality, Profession, and Efficiency
  • Main Services: OTIC, Information Security, Customization and Certification
  • Laboratory Locations: Taoyuan, Kaohsiung

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